Adrienne and Eric Hartill

We met through an online dating service and have been inseparable since our first date. We knew we had something special early on. Only 18 months after we met we were engaged, and less than a year later we married on a sunny August day.

We love to spend time together, whether it’s going to the movies, cooking or making each other laugh, and we look forward to having our child share in all the fun. We would love to provide a child with many happy experiences, build wonderful memories and support and guide them into becoming an amazing individual.
We live in Lindenhurst, New York, a small, family oriented village on the South Shore of Long Island. We’re less than a mile from a beautiful park with a playground, ball field and pond where we can push our child on the swings, have a game of catch or feed the ducks together. We are excited about raising our child in such a kind and welcoming place.

We also are minutes away from beaches and other attractions we look forward to exploring as a family. There are holiday parades and street fairs with kiddie rides where our child will have fun riding on a carousel and eating ice cream with our friends’ children. We’re lucky to live close to New York City where we can take our child to spend a Saturday seeing a Broadway play, exploring the Children’s Museum or walking around the Central Park Zoo.

Our family and friends are overjoyed about us becoming parents. Adrienne’s parents live a few miles away and are very excited to become grandparents! Eric’s father lives with his sister and her family in Arizona where his niece and nephew are looking forward to welcoming their new cousin. We enjoy going out to dinner or the movies, playing games together, or taking day trips to Manhattan or the east end of Long Island with our siblings. We can’t wait for our child to join in on the fun. We are honorary aunt and uncle to all of our friends’ children. They have been talking about all the different activities they want to do with their honorary cousin. They’ve already set aside dress up clothes, games and kickballs in anticipation. Our family and friends can’t wait to shower our special little one with love and affection.

As parents, it is our commitment to provide our child with a nurturing, supportive, stable and loving environment where they can develop, learn and grow into a kind, self-sufficient and conscientious adult. We also commit to the promise of open adoption where we will maintain a relationship in a way that is most comfortable for you. We will welcome you, as birthparent, into our extended family. We are excited to experience the joys and all that comes with parenthood and open adoption. We look forward to hearing from you!
Adrienne is a foodie. Back before anyone knew what that meant, she knew about all the famous chefs. She still reads menus and cookbooks looking for new and interesting dishes. When she isn’t doing food-related things, she’s an avid reader of mysteries and detective novels, and she knows nearly every movie ever made. Most importantly, Adrienne is a loving and affectionate woman and she can make a new friend within minutes of meeting someone.

Adrienne worked for many years as a recreational therapist to patients with Alzheimer’s. Even though she loved her career, she wants to take all the love and care she had for her residents and give it to our child as a stay-at-home mother. Many times I’ve imagined her sitting on the couch reading her favorite childhood stories to our child, baking cupcakes in the kitchen with them, or sharing her love of animated movies. Now I can’t wait to see these things for real as Adrienne becomes a mom.
Eric was raised in a warm, active and loving home. He served in the US Navy for seven years, and then went to college to become a software engineer. Eric works less than 10 miles from home so he’ll be able to spend plenty of quality time with our child. He likes to relax in the evenings and weekends by baking homemade bread, reading or playing video games.

What I admire most about Eric is his calm demeanor and his patience with children. This is especially evident when he plays with our friend's son who has Down’s Syndrome. He also has a great sense of adventure and fun. Eric is looking forward to teaching our child how to read and how to ride a bike, or just to play and be silly together. He will be a great dad who provides a strong, comforting shoulder to lean on and will show our child how wonderful the world is with them in it.